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Spring Forward... But Not Too Far! - Spring Special!!!!

Trish Kahlich - Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Spring is upon us.  Can you feel it?  It's time to "go outside and get the stink blown off you!"  To quote that famous line by Gena Rowlands who played Ramona Calvert in the movie 
Hope Floats.

Although it is time to come out of hibernation, it's not quite time to don the bathing suit and lay by the pool.  So, what's a girl to do with her hair in between the out-and-out dark cold days of winter and the hot sunny days of summer?  I say it's time for a POP OF COLOR!  

Not the whole she-bang, but just a POP.  

    When we were young, God usually cast a few highlights of His own in our hair over time, but now we have Redken who created an array of colors from which to choose to help the process along.  Unfortunately, if you color your hair, it usually doesn't behave as it did when we were young and spent our days hanging out in the sunshine.  Faded hair color is not the same as the subtle highlights we get from the sun, but no one says we can't have them anyway; least of all ME!  

    Where am I going with this?  Only toward my

with the purchase of a haircut!!  

What is a POP OF COLOR? 
A POP OF COLOR consists of either a few highlights created with foil and hair color
(usually around the front hairline)
or a fun, solid swatch of color created by carving out a small section
around the front hairline and coloring the hair from the scalp to the ends
with a shade that is a level or two lighter than your current color.

Already getting color? 
No problem we can still make fun changes that will coax you into summer
without completely jumping into the deep end! 
Call soon for an appointment and slide into spring colorfully!

Until then, may God bless you and keep you,

Patricia Kahlich